Better Buildings and Better Bottom Lines

A workshop series by prefabAUS, Building 4.0 CRC and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC).

Building 4.0 CRC, prefabAUS and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre invite members of the building industry who are interested in workshopping the future of building, through business model innovation and the impact that industrialisation and digitalisation can have on the industry. 

As the building industry accelerates toward a more industrialised and digital future, questions arise about how the industry will implement these changes and what the impact will be on the industry’s current business models and the structure of its future value chain.

The growth of prefabrication and offsite construction in Australia and globally is challenging the traditional business models within the construction industry. The materials, methodologies and techniques that deliver our built environment are evolving in a more industrialised and digitally-enabled manner, but the underlying business models and value chains have not kept pace.

With market share expected to grow in Australia from five percent to 15 percent in the next three years, businesses must be ready to scale up to realise the opportunity and be relevant in a global construction market or risk losing out to international players. 

Industrialisation, through prefab, offsite and other advanced manufacturing techniques, can support this goal.

Workshop Objectives:

The workshop aims are divided into two interconnected parts: 

1. To work with industry players to identify how they can take advantage of the twin currents of industrialisation and digitalisation. 2. To further explore the role that business model and value chain innovation holds for the future industry. 


Session 1: Why Prefab?

Session 2: Why Industry 4.0? Futuremap Interactive Session

Session 3: Business Model Innovation

Session 4: The Dimensions of Prefab: Value chain, Technologies and Getting Started 

Session 5: Addressing the Challenges 

Wrap up:


  • Mathew Aitchison
  • Duncan Maxwell 
  • Priya Das 
  • Damien Crough 
  • Lance Worrall 
  • Ben Kehoe


Adelaide: Tuesday, 15th November 2022
Melbourne: Thursday, 23rd February, 2023
Sydney: Thursday May 4th, 2023 (Venue TBC)
Brisbane: Wednesday May 17th, 2023 (Venue TBC)