Building 4.0 CRC welcomes new Research Director

Building 4.0 CRC is delighted to welcome Professor Chris Knapp as the consortium’s Research Director.

Transitioning across from Bond University, where he is Head and Professor of Architecture, Professor Knapp brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the application of digital fabrication and digital design tools toward transforming the relationship in building between design and construction.

When asked what attracted him to working with the CRC, Dr Knapp’s focus was on the ‘meaningful transformation of the construction industry’, which will be made possible, in part, through the consortium’s vast capability and connections.

“The role of Research Director with the Building 4.0 CRC is a unique opportunity to generate impactful, meaningful transformation of the construction industry that will provide a great benefit to society,” he said. “It is my passion to see the transition of our industry to one that is genuinely sustainable, efficient, productive, and inspiring. My career in architecture education and leadership has been fuelled by this same desire but through the means of enabling and shaping a future generation. The CRC presents an opportunity to bring forward this change more immediately, and at a national scale.”

The range of talent, expertise, and resources available to the CRC to achieve its goals are what make this a unique opportunity for Professor Knapp. This is in addition to managing the breadth, depth, and diversity of stakeholders, which he also regards as a unique condition of a CRC. Furthermore, a big drawcard was the CRC’s “start-up” quality as a relatively new entity.

“My experience in forming two new architecture schools from their inception has helped me to form organisational skills, a robust work ethic, and a healthy optimism for overcoming challenges,” Dr Knapp said. “The CRC presents a leadership opportunity that will draw upon that background, and I have a good working knowledge of universities and commercial entities. My knowledge, specific to the architecture, engineering, and construction of buildings, will allow the opportunity to ‘get under the hood’ in working with the research teams and industry partners.

“I’m very excited to work with Australia’s best academic and professional minds on cutting-edge, world-class research projects that can have immediate benefit to industry and impact upon society. The CRC is a collection of leading institutions, organisations, and individuals, and one that I am proud and humbled to have the opportunity to join,” Professor Knapp concluded.

Building 4.0 CRC is, likewise, proud to have Professor Knapp on board, completing the consortium’s current Executive Team and helping to shape the future of the building industry. Read more on Professor Knapp here.