Building 4.0 CRC welcomes new Industry Lead

Following the recent retirement of Dr William (Bill) Humphries, Building 4.0 CRC has appointed a new Industry Lead, who will help the CRC into the next chapter.

Isaac Coonan brings great knowledge, insight, and enthusiasm to the team and we thought you may like to know a little more about him, so we asked him a few questions…

Where did you work previously, and what was your role there?

Prior to joining Building 4.0 CRC, I worked for the Brisbane Economic Development Agency delivering the city of Brisbane’s property technology initiative on behalf of the Lord Mayor. Within this role, I was responsible for the city-wide strategy and program delivery to support the Brisbane property and construction sector leverage emerging digital and technological solutions.

What do you see as your key qualifications and experience?

I have been working in the Property Technology (Proptech) sector for several years now both here in Australia and in the US. In previous roles in venture capital, government and tertiary institutions, along with founding my own data and analytics company for Proptech, I have built a highly sophisticated network of industry partners, start-ups and capital firms, all eagerly looking to support the property sector with the adoption of new technology. 

I am delighted to be bringing this network, deep industry knowledge and capability to Building 4.0 CRC.

What do you hope to achieve in your role?

As in all my previous roles, the future sustainability of our built environments along with the property sector is my driving core. We are at a critical impasse for the property and construction industry and within my role at Building 4.0 CRC, I am hoping to champion industry engagement and corporate collaboration with world-leading research and technological solutions that will bring long-term sustainability to our sector and built environments globally.

… is there something else you would like to share? Any hobbies, interests, obsessions?

I am very much a career-minded individual and in a lot of my free time, I work on my own data and analytics company for the property and construction industry, “Proptech BNE”. When I am not working, I love keeping busy through exercise and outdoor activity. I am currently working towards completing my first Triathlon in October of this year.

Name one fact about yourself that surprises people.

Before I became imbedded in the property technology industry, I took three years off work to become a Pastry Chef, trained in Paris at Le Cordon Bleu. Cooking is also a fairly significant hobby for me.

Isaac commenced with the CRC on 23 August 2021. He is contactable on +61 (0)428 655 507, View Isaac’s profile on our website.