Building 4.0 CRC welcomes its first PhDs!

Building 4.0 CRC has welcomed its first cohort of PhD candidates to the team.

PhDs play an invaluable role in the progression of a CRC, offering new insights and innovative research capability to help influence necessary change.

Sporting a mix of top-up scholarships and full scholarships, with five international candidates in the mix, Building 4.0 CRC is looking forward to the pioneering initiatives and solutions that its first PhD students will bring to the consortium.

“Our PhD candidates will introduce a new outlook and much needed input to the challenges faced by the building industry,” said the CRC’s Research Education Leader, Dr Angela Solarte. “Their fresh minds, new ways of thinking, and eager spirits will ensure that we not only achieve our project milestones, but that we also position ourselves to lead the transformation of the building and construction industry into the future.”

The successful candidates are learned in topics including Building Information Modelling (BIM), sustainable design, energy efficiency, resilient buildings, computational design, digital fabrication, innovative material practices, automation and robotics, and safety in construction, to name a few.

“Our students bring a wealth of diversity to the CRC through who they are, what they know, and what they’re keen to learn. We look forward to working with them in discovering new innovations and bettering the building industry,” concluded Dr Solarte. View our PhD students here.