Australia’s building industry: time to join the dots

The building industry is a story that just keeps on giving.

The last few months has been all about housing affordability and record rates of insolvency across the industry. 12 months ago, we were at the peak of an unexpected property boom. Three years ago, industry news was filled with stories of how our buildings were falling apart or burning. Next year, the stories will likely be the ‘perfect storm’ of rising property prices and a gaping market capacity gap.

These stories reflect some larger, long-term systemic issues that continue to hold back the industry. Yet we don’t have a national plan for how the industry will meet current and future challenges.

In a recent article in The Fifth Estate, Building 4.0 CRC CEO Professor Mathew Aitchison discusses these issues and how Building 4.0 CRC is working to join the dots, fill the white space of innovation policy and create a national plan.

You can read Mathew’s article here.