A directory of opportunities…

Through Building 4.0 CRC, our partners have access to a wealth of research expertise across a wide range of disciplines and research areas.

Connecting world-leading research expertise with industry needs has never been easy, and Covid-19 has made this task even harder. One of the core tasks of the CRC program is to provide stronger linkages between research and industry. Building 4.0 CRC has begun an initiative aimed at off-setting the isolating effects of the pandemic, attempting to make this “match-making” function better than ever.

On 10 March, a total of 75 research groups and individuals from across the CRC’s three university partners held a “Capacity Pitch” event, during which partners were introduced to the CRC’s new, interactive, Research Capacity directory.

The research groups and individuals were drawn from university partners – Monash University, the University of Melbourne and Queensland University of Technology. Skills and training partner, Holmesglen Institute, also took part. Capabilities range from Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Digital Twins, IoT, Materials and Machine Learning, right through to HR and Policy matters, all of which must be considered by the building industry if it is to achieve meaningful change.

Partners can use the book’s interactive index to search for groups/individual researchers by capability, and then via one simple click, they will be taken through to the full listing, many of which offer a video summary of the group or the researcher’s expertise.

It is hoped that this easy-to-use, comprehensive directory will facilitate better connections and harness more R&D opportunities in years to come. More listings are expected to appear in the second iteration of the booklet, due for release later this year.