Haider Hamad Ghayeb

Haider is a PhD researcher in School of Civil & Environmental Engineering at QUT. In addition to his bachelor’s degree (1st class in civil engineering), he holds his Master’s in Civil Engineering (Civil Eng.-Structure) from UTM, Malaysia with a CGPA of 3.8/4.0, equivalent to 95%. He worked as an assistant lecturer and researcher in the faculty of engineering at University of Malaya (UM) in Malaysia for over 5 years.

Haider’s study aims to improve green concrete technology suitable to be used in structural engineering, in particular for precast concrete products. His study targets to produce novel green sustainable cementitious composite materials incorporating by-product materials.

His areas of expertise include structural engineering, eco-friendly concrete, sustainable built environment, smart green infrastructure, innovation construction engineering, engineering cementitious composite, and supersulfated cement.

Haider has contributed to several research projects related to structural engineering, structural seismic and dynamic performance, sustainability and building performance. Haider published more than 15 research articles in high-ranking journals and one patent as well as more than 4 research articles in well-known international conferences.