Finance and Property Development Economics Dr Tanja Tyvimaa

Tanja is Senior Lecturer in Property Economics at the QUT Business School. Prior to joining QUT, she was Post-Doctoral Researcher at Tampere University of Technology, Finland. She has been a Visiting Post-Doctoral Scholar at the University of Georgia, USA (2012-2015), and a Visiting Research Scholar at Georgia State University, USA (2009-2010). She has over nine years’ experience in academic research and teaching in property economics and development.

Before her PhD studies, Tanja worked as a Project Manager in the residential building and real estate development projects having a total responsibility of managing design processes, project programming, floor planning coordination and budgeting. She has almost eight years’ experience working in the property and urban development. The areas of her research interest are apartment prices and property values, customers’ preferences and supply/demand in property market, and demographic/population related issues. Tanja is interested in residential and mixed-use urban properties, within a special expertise of seniors housing. During her years in academia, she has been successful getting research grants and funding from several academic funding organizations. Tanja also serves as secretary in the International Real Estate Society (IRES).